Thursday, May 7, 2015 1:00pm EDT

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Previous meeting: Thursday, April 2, 2015 1:00pm EDT


  • Raster/angle correlations - Rupesh
  • MOLLER Shielding - Rakitha
  • Optical detector simulations - All


As discussed in previous phone conferences, the most important work to be done on the detector development front at the moment is to simulate the detector region as completely as possible.

This includes (in order of urgency):

  1. Full background implementation in the detector region (E&M and Hadronic)
  2. Implementation of an initial design for detector mounting and PMT shielding
  3. Implementation of an initial design for the beam line in the detector region
  4. Implementation of an initial design of the mounting and shielding geometry immediately down stream of the detectors region
  5. Implementation of the reference design detector module geometry and optical processes (this can only really be optimized after item 1 is implemented and item one depends on items 2 - 4 )

Without these, we can have no hope of arriving at a viable detector design. For example, with the current light guide reference design, the tests regarding signal from the light guides due to electrons going through the light guide gives us only a partial idea of the corresponding dilution. A complete picture and the actual viability of the current design can only emerge after we have studied this with the full background physics implemented in the simulations and ideally further testing the design at facilities that provide hadrons (maybe at TRIUMF or other facilities mentioned by Nevin and Dustin).

This is a big job and we have several people are already active in this regard.

As far as I am aware, we have:

Detector module geometry and optical simulations: Wouter + Student, old non-GDML implementation exists from Peiqing Backgrounds (in general): Rakitha

After discussing with Rakitha and realizing that he is rather over committed already, I asked Juliette to get her new graduate student Sakib Rahman started on the background simulations in the detector region. This may also include working on implementation of some initial mounting/shielding scheme, of which the most important aspect is the proposed lead cylinder to shield the PMTs. I'd like to ask Sakib and Rakitha to communicate with each other about this and to keep Seamus in the loop.

Thank you,

Michael (For the MOLLER integrating detector working group)


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