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Cameron, KK, Dustin, Paul King, Rakitha, Wouter, Ciprian
Cameron, KK, Dustin, Paul King, Rakitha, Wouter, Kurtis, Ciprian

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Previous meeting: Thursday, October 5, 2017 4PM ET

Media:KK's MOLLER Task List.pdf

Tasks for Simulation group to track:

1) Wouter -- Pion Simulation (Muon Pair Production): could be significant for pion detector

2) Pion Group -- Pion Simulation (Beamdump bkgd impact): beamdump bkgds may affect some detectors

3) UVA Group -- Simulation (PMT double difference): From Qweak experience, evaluate upper limit to possible systematic from A_T in showerMax and thin quartz

4) SBU Group Detectors/Simulation (ShowerMax splashback): Estimate possible bkgds in main detector PMTs from shmx splashback

5) Manitoba and SBU -- Detectors/Simulation (PMT backgrounds): Comprehensive estimate of all bkgds at the main detector PMTs

6) SBU Group -- Detectors/Simulation (Detector shielding optimization): Figure out the configuration of heavy- and light-Z shielding (First need shielding Geometry)

7) TBA -- Detectors/Simulation (Slit scattering bkgd): Comprehensive note summarizing the elimination of all 1-bounce and leading 2-bounce sources

8) SBU Group -- Detectors/Simulation (Crosstalk evaluation): Evaluate impact on specific detector measurements of bkgd from other sources

9) Seamus and Yury -- General/Simulation (Radiative corrections for all physics processes): Incorporate radiative corrections for e-e and inelastic e-p scattering

10) Pion and Simulation Group -- Simulation/Pion (Hyperon background estimation): Strategy to evaluate the hyperon bkgd using full suite of detectors

11) David and Seamus -- Simulation/Tracking (Optics collimator for Q2): simulated Q2 analysis and the use of tracking GEMs and special collimation


1) Discuss a time/day or phase change in our fort-nightly schedule to accommodate schedule changes at SBU

2) Rakitha will start leading these meetings next time

put your slides or links to elogs here

Attendance: Cameron, KK, Dustin, Paul King, Rakitha, Wouter, Kurtis, Ciprian

Minutes: Possible meeting next Thursday during the DNP meeting. Rakitha will start leading these meetings in November.

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