Transversity/Expert Checklist

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This is the check list for experts on transversity data checker shift.

Notice : Please add items of your specialty field, so every one will do the check

Beamline, beam charge, beam polarization, Luminosity monitors

  1. BPM A and B (x,) positions
  2. Beam charge asymmetry is small (less than 1000ppm)? (Check end-of-run, and check beam charge asymmetry stripchart)
  3. Lumi signals and replay OK ?, no saturation ?.
  4. Beam charge at end-of-run make sense ?

Run information

  1. Check scaler rate screen, pre-scale factors agree with earlier runs. example of normal rate @ 12uA prodction
  2. Check online CODA rate and CODA dead time. (Run scaler script, verify deadtime)
  3. Check start-of-run input. Target type, beam half wave plate, etc.
  4. Happex run start ahead of transversity run ? (Happex run ends every four hours or so ?)
  5. Look at shift worker's run-sheet records.
  6. Confirm CODA not crashed, check DAQ-configuration: twoarm_RICH.
  7. Check Halog entries.
  8. Check if spin-flip is ON. Check target polarization history.
  9. Check all HV on. BB chamber HV on before run starts.
  10. Halog left arm VDC efficiency plots once a shift


Run show_all(<run number>) script after shift worker finish a replay. It will pop up a set of plots for expert, which would take ~10min to check through.

A list of minimum check items : (Item / related online plots)

  1. Check left-HRS VDC efficiency / online("detectorL",run#)
  2. Check left-HRS VDC time / online("detectorL",run#)
  3. Check BB chamber wire map / online("detectorBB",run#)
  4. Check BB shower vs preshower ADC plot, threshold not changed / online("physics",run#)
  5. Check scaler consistency / online("scalar",run#)
  6. Spot++ / equavlent plots (raster current, BPMs) are included in online("detectorL",run#)

A list of known problems / possible bad runs

  1. BB chamber HV not on all the time.
  2. Left-arm VDC gas problem, low efficiency.
  3. Left-arm TDC shifts, symptom is current run and golden run shows significant difference in TDC times.

Helpful Resources