Tuesday, Mar. 29: DAY Shift

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  • MCC restore the beam Hall-A
  • Resolved all problems they mentioned in this morning (1st pass RF separator/ Moller Quad power cycle/...)
  • Spot++ for beam centering with C-hole target

Specific mission

  • Note:

1/ ARC energy measurement (Doug) [1]

2/ Spin-dance (Moller measurement)

Issue: Moller Quad setting is not correct...

3/ Any chance of opportunity of good beam for physics
(beam goes straight ! not through chicane)
DVCS: Kin_48_4

- 15uA
- LH2 target
- Calo_theta= 10.1(deg), Distance = 2.5m (from target) - LHRS=3.36GeV, angle=24.925(deg), Q1/Q2/Q3=1916.640(readout:1900)/1600/1600 (Q1 regul.OFF)
- RHRS=2.204GeV, angle=48.75(deg)
- PreScaleR : PS1=PS2=PS3=1, && PS8=200
- PreScaleL : PS9 =1, + DVCS config.

Tentative plan:

Arc energy measurement : Doug (Morning)
Moller measurement : Sasha (Afternoon)

Establish the beam through Compton chicane: Dave & Yves

MCC beam study

BPM/Spot++ Check

  • After beam lost for considerable time (like beam study, pass change,...)
  • Ask MCC to run 5uA wth carbon hole target and make sure you can see the hole through Spot++