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(Running MCEEP)
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* [http://hallaweb.jlab.org/software/mceep/mceep_v3_9.ps MCEEP documentation]
* [http://hallaweb.jlab.org/software/mceep/mceep_v3_9.ps MCEEP documentation]
== Running MCEEP ==
== Running MCEEP ==

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MCEEP Resources

Running MCEEP

  • login to the farm
 ssh ifarm
  • a simple command will take you to the MCEEP directory (/work/halla/e07006/disk1/Erez/MCEEP/mceep)

(envinrinmentals are set in ~/.cshrc)

  • create a new output directory for the run you want to take, and go inside it, e.g.
 mkdir output/v3_9_output
 cd output/v3_9_output
  • a simple run command will run the simulation
  • Answer the questions, as for example in Example of a MCEEP run. Start by entering an input file (.inp) from the input directory, e.g.
  • choose a procedure
  • After MCEEP will finish running, multiple output files will appear in the output directory, among them an NTuple file
  • Conversion to ROOT format is then achieved by going to the ROOT utilities and using the conversion program
 cd $mceep_home/utilities
 m2root v3_9.ntu
  • The ROOT output file mceep.root will have a TTree called mceep with the variables set in the input file. To draw e.g. E(miss) use
 mceep -> Draw("EMISS")


  • If elastic scattering is chosen, MCEEP will prompt the user to select scattering from the p, d, 3H, 3He, 4He or 12.
  • Also, for elastic scattering in general, the user has the option of enforcing the acceptance of the hadron arm or simulating single-arm elastic scattering where the hadron kinematics are ignored.
  • If elastic scattering is chosen, MCEEP requests no further input.
  • For the bound state or continuum options, MCEEP will prompt the user to choose from various models.

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