VME Controller Setup

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VME Controller

The controller that we are currently using is a MV5100. Dave Abbott loaded VxWorks version 5.5 on the board.

One can use minicom and a cable from the serial port of the computer to the "Debug" input of the controller to change the boot parameters. The serial port needs to be configured to 9600 8N1. The serial device is /dev/ttyS0. The permissions on /dev/ttyS0 need to be changed to '666', in order for a regular user account to connect.

The boot parameters for this board are set to:

Vxworks bootparams.jpg

The boot script for this board is currently: /home/gep5/vmedvcseel2.boot The ip address is, and its name is vmedvcseel2.jlab.org After booting, one can telnet into the board (telnet vmedvcseel2), to monitor what is going on when CODA is running.

The process table can be looked at with the "i" command


-------- --- ---------- -------- -------- ------- -----

tExcTask excTask 1effe4e0 0 PEND 22ec3c 1effe3c0 3006b 0

tLogTask logTask 1effb940 0 PEND 22ec3c 1effb830 0 0

tShell shell 1ec207b0 1 READY 2284d4 1ec20370 320002 0

tRlogind rlogind 1ec72540 2 PEND 222b78 1ec720e0 0 0

tWdbTask wdbTask 1ec6cd00 3 PEND 222b78 1ec6cbd0 0 0

tNetTask netTask 1ed180f0 50 READY 222b78 1ed18000 0 0

tPortmapd portmapd 1ec75930 54 PEND 222b78 1ec756d0 3d0002 0

tTelnetd telnetd 1ec70190 55 PEND 222b78 1ec70020 0 0

tTelnetOut_telnetOutTas 1fffe330 55 READY 222b78 1fffe010 0 0

tTelnetIn_1telnetInTask 1ec02cb0 55 READY 2229c4 1ec02930 0 0

t1 cmlogClientD 1eafdce0 100 PEND 222b78 1eafdb60 0 0

t1_c 1eb338e0 1eaf8ca0 190 PEND 222b78 1eaf7eb0 3d0002 0

ROC coda_roc 1eace5f0 200 READY 2236fc 1eace3e0 3d0002 0

value = 0 = 0x0

The most important thing is that the coda_roc process be running; this is started by the "taskSpawn" command near the end of the boot script. This is the process that CODA connects to to get data from the VME crate.