Wednesday, Apr. 20: DAY Shift

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Shift Duties


  • Remember, we will have a controlled access and 10 limited keys !!!

  • 1/ Call controlled access 7:00AM and radiation survey by RadCon Group
  • 2/ Calo. position/angle survey 8:00AM
 I spoke to Chris Curties in this morning for Calo. position survey.
 I am not sure if he needs a restricted or controlled. 
 He will back to me with detail schedule later.
 GMp needs a detector position survey after the end run.
  • Once survey is done, configuration change will be followed.
  • 3/ Detector
 GMp will change the LHRS angle 43deg (RHRS no change)
 DVCS Calo. will be removed. / secure safe place (Temp.Location: near DVCS HV crate area till end run / After end run, move into left side of RHRS)
  • 4/ Beam
 4Pass beam for GMp experiment (one pass setup till end run)
 MCC will definitely try high current up to 60uA.
 The BCM and mini-target boiling tests will be carried out.

Reestablish Beam Procedure

This procedure is to be run every time we recover from an extended beam down (>3 hours).

  • Harp Scans
    • Move target to HOME position (if not already there) (mask target motion!)
    • Turn VDC HV OFF for both arms.
    • Turn DVCS Calo HV OFF
    • Ask MCC for Raster OFF (check that it turns off in the scope)
    • Ask MCC to perform Harp Scans (on IHA1H04A and IHA1H04B)
      • Must have three peaks on each with a resolution of ~200-500 μm
      • Have seen a "shoulder" on the last peak before. May be acceptable if other 2 peaks are fine.
    • Ask MCC to make an ELOG with the results of the Harp Scans
  • Beam Centering on Carbon Hole Target
    • Move target to the Carbon Hole position (mask target motion!)
    • Ensure Left-HRS momentum is ~1 GeV/c
    • Set Left-HRS DAQ configuration to LeftHRSnew
      • Set prescales as ps_i = 1 for i = 1-6, and ps=0 for all others
    • Turn VDC HC OFF for both arms.
    • Turn DVCS Calo HV OFF
    • Ask MCC for Raster ON at 2x2 or whatever is on the whiteboard
      • Check that it turns on in the scope, and check Raster GUI to confirm 2x2 setting
    • Ask MCC for 5 μA beam
      • Run spot_L as explained in the detailed instructions
      • If not centered ask MCC to move beam accordingly (check board for coordinates)
      • Repeat test with different beam position until target is centered.
  • Raster Target
    • Start the same settings as carbon hole centering
    • Move to Raster Target (mask target motion!)
    • Ask MCC for 5uA beam with Raster ON (2x2)
    • Check rates and confirm they are consistent with rates seen during HOME position
      • If the rates are low and consistent, then move on to next step
      • If the rates are high, it may indicate the beam has an angle that causes the beam to scrape on an edge of the target
        • Notify the RC
        • Ask MCC to readjust BPM positions until this angle is removed
        • When done, perform another Carbon Hole run just to be sure.