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1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 1-888-240-2560 (U.S. & Canada)
2. International participants dial:
Toll Number: 1-408-740-7256
3. Enter meeting ID:140287970

Desktop sharing: 


Meeting room = None. Remote only.


  • List of Compton tasks required for producing CREX results
    • LED measurements
    • Laser exit scans (?)


Photon Detector

  • Summary of full-gain/steering runs taken during CREX


  • Analysis re-spin summary
  • Analysis plan for PREX/CREX

Electron detector

  • Analysis updates


Mark D, Adam Z, Alex C, Amali P, Brian Q, Cip G, Dave G, Hanjie L, Iris H, JCC, Kent

  1. General
    1. Time needed in hall
      1. Photon detector: budget a few days for linearity measurements
    2. Laser exit scans
      1. 2 solutions should give the same exit line scans
    3. Laser entrance scan repeatability test (2 days)
    4. Document the DAQ cabling whatever is not already done, Adam will publish what exists)
  2. Photon Detector
    1. Summary of all the photon detector offsets. elog:611
  3. Analysis
    1. Respin of data
      1. Epics data in the CODA file showed issues in many runs. Script crashed a lot. Should not affect analysis. We should try fix this for the future.
      2. 74 snail, 14 show pedestal shifts.
    2. Plan for analysis
      1. Snails vs time
      2. A cycle-wise root script
  4. Electron detector
    1. Results showing unexplained asymmetry with laser off--need to debug.