Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 11:00 am EST

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1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 1-888-240-2560 (U.S. & Canada)
2. International participants dial:
Toll Number: 1-408-740-7256
3. Enter meeting ID:140287970

Desktop sharing: 


Meeting room= F227 in Cebaf Center


  • Discussion of test
  • Chicane survey results


  • Laser update
    • Plans during installation period
    •  !0 W fiber amp available April 8
    • additional 10 fiber amp in procurement
    • Seed laser setup
    • Polarization scan tests?

Photon Detector

  • GSO detector status
    • Intend to take the GSO back to CMU so it can be prepared for PREX (presently has CREX tube+base)
    • Triggered sums + snapshots were repeatedly lost during today's test (likely due to excessively large rates) --> will investigate this week
    • Collimator during PREXII (i.e. can we modify/remove it?)
    • Need to find solution for horizontal finger scintillator
      • Maybe just passing it through an amplifier is enough, or maybe just needs a different PMT
    • DAQ missing "Beam Modulation" signal (Will get from Victoria whenever they have it available)
  • Online analysis
    • Is the Compton edge larger than expected? [1]
    • Accumulator 0 asymmetries [2]


Electron detector

  • Update on test plans
    • Signal amplification
    • Diamond
    • HVMAPS