Wednesday, March 30, 2016 1:30pm EST

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Last meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 1:30pm EST


  • prototype coil
  • status of collimator


  • KK will complete the narrative of the supplementary request to get funding for a prototype coil over the weekend. Ernie will get information on the cost of the coil and also work on getting a couple of paragraphs together on the scope of the tests and how this investment will mitigate risk and improve our cost estimates. By mid-next week, the proposal will be submitted with a rough estimate for the cost (we don’t expect this to be way off) and then Ernie and Jim will work on taking to the company and developing a detailed set of specs for which a bid can be solicited. This is expected to take 2 weeks and then we can request a bid in two weeks. With luck we will have a quote at the same time that it is anticipated that a final budget request will be made around May 1.
  • Jason will work on the details on the mechanical design and provide input to Tyler so that we can update the 2-bounce study with the near-final version of mechanical structures that will have direct line-of-sight to the target. After the collaboration meeting, Jason and Jim will work on understanding the buildability of the collimator geometry in order to improve our guess on the cost.


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