Wednesday, October 14, 2015 1:00pm EDT

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Last meeting: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 11:00am EDT


  • Field comparisons between TOSCA and MAXWELL [1]
  • Power on collimators [2]
  • Status of the CDR text
    • Comments from KK
    • Report from MIT
  • Next meeting


Attending: Rakitha, KK, Jim, Ernie, Juliette, Seamus

  • Field comparisons between TOSCA and MAXWELL
    • Real differences in geometry that need to be rectified
  • Power on collimators
    • After reviewing the collimator fin concept in SolidWorks, it doesn't look like the fins will cause any problems.
    • Only the upstream face of the collimator fin will be visible to the target.
    • The other faces of the fin are hidden by the collimator. Since the upstream face is perpendicular to the beamline, it's impossible for a particle to scatter from the fin and continue moving along the beamline (positive z direction). Therefore no single-bounce particles will be able to pass through the acceptance-defining collimator. I attached an annotated diagram that should make this clear.
    • From KK - I generally agree with this. However, I want to point out that since the fin will contain water, it will effectively have a terrible Moliere radius (transverse extent of a showering particle). If there are several radiation lengths of material, then particles will leak out of the side of the fins, have a small but finite angle to make it through the acceptance petals and then potentially have line of sight to the detectors.
    • After thinking about this a bit, I think our best bet is to minimize the number of radiation lengths of this material i.e. make it as transparent as possible except for the water. Also, make each fin as narrow as feasible in phi rather than use all the available (1/14th) phi.
    • But good news is that this will have no other effect on the physics. We should use it to get the temperature down at the front end.
    • Somebody take over 2-bounce program from Seamus (this is 2D - need to do 3D in GEANT)
  • Status of the CDR text
    • Comments from KK
      • generally like the way the first part is written
      • incomplete
    • Report from MIT
      • 90% complete
      • text by next week
    • Project Management Plan
      • Monday the 19th - assessing all 11 subsystems
      • For now think we're done - but they will give feedback
  • Next meeting
    • November 4th
    • email exchanges between now and then
      • collimator cooling discussion
      • CDR text
      • Project management text if necessary
  • Other business
    • est. from ATLAS came back large -> ask for quote from another company

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