Wednesday, October 9, 2013 2:00pm EST

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Last group meeting: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:30am EST
Last meeting: Monday, October 7, 2013 2:00pm EST


These presentations may be updated right before the meeting

  1. Status of the engineering work
    1. Update from Jason on support structure .pptx .pdf
      presentation from June
      Tyler's interference slides
    2. Update from Jim on vacuum vessel .pptx .pdf
  2. Update on the physics/optics work
    1. Update from Juliette on iron simulations .pptx .pdf


Attending: Juliette, Robin, Stanley, Jim, Jason, Jay, Kent, KK, Thia, Javier, Roger

  1. Status of the engineering work
    1. Update from Jason on support structure
      1. green and blue are Al strongbacks; pink blocks are Al with coil
      2. slide 7 doesn't include bolted connections
      3. Slide 9 Questions:
        1. Could top piece be an I-beam? - Needs strength in both directions.
        2. Is this assembly made and then assembled? - yes - coil is pre-assembled with carrier.
      4. Slide 10 Questions:
        1. Isn't ~1mm too big? Comparison is between clamped vs. 6 strut. But aren't they both too big? Small perturbation and sensitivity study (not completed yet) seems to indicate that this would be okay. Also doesn't include the other braces - just has carrier and coil.
        2. Why strut - why not another support structure? Takes more alignment...
        3. Have you considered overturning moments? once support is chosen they will do this study
        4. Deform them ahead of time? Already will have imperfections, trying to pre-deform is not going to matter
      5. Slide 11 Questions?
        1. How close is deflection to the center-of-mass of the coil? Slide 10 shows pink arrows at COM.
      6. Slide 16 Questions
        1. inter-coil support would reduce or eliminate the ability to adjust coil positions
        2. deflections with 6-strut will be better (these are for clamped ends)
      7. Slide 17 Questions
        1. what causes deflections - hanging forces are from weight (centering force cancels)
      8. Slide 19 Questions
        1. frame is made from box beam, as shown
        2. what are the limitations on supporting the frame
      9. Suggestions: Get 25 ft long pieces and impregnate them and try to get Young's modulus
    2. Update from Jim on vacuum vessel
      1. 19000 lbs is vacuum chamber only
      2. total ~ 40,000 lbs roughly (20 ton crane in hall - radius far enough)
      3. He bags complicate vacuum connections, affect backgrounds, optics, rate loss, radiative corrections...
      4. How to support the vacuum vessel and pump it?
      5. Questions:
        1. Has the coil been shown to any vendors yet? <- Robin needs this.
        2. Where does the water and power come in? on the top plate; from coil needs to be designed
        3. to replace a coil - remove top flange, remove coil; need support for magnet frame assembly, magnet mapping assembly, etc.
        4. what if we see something weird in the experiment - take it apart and diagnose
        5. will need to run for a while (several days to a week) in air to test it
  2. Update on the physics/optics work
    1. Update from Juliette on iron simulations
      1. Not surprising we don't get optics back... would require detailed design (not highest priority)

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