Wednesday November 29, 2017 3:00pm ET

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Last meeting: Wednesday November 1, 2017 3:00pm ET


  • Updates
  • Next meeting


Attended: Rakitha, Juliette, Jim, Ernie, KK, Cameron

  • Dose estimates (Rakitha)
    • total power deposited - upper limit, assuming all energy deposited
    • break the coils into 3D bins
    • positrons focus into the coils
    • neutron dose for upstream coils
      • low statistics +/1 20% variation
      • need flux, surface area - how to do for hybrid coil?
      • krem/hour for upstream in neutrons
      • need dose in Rads?
      • Need Rad numbers from Ernie for best epoxy
  • Coil (Ernie)
    • Visit to Everson
    • first coil looked good
    • very long and skinny
    • put into the oven to cure
    • will visit again in two weeks
    • should be done before end of January
  • Have renewal for funds
  • Next meeting - December 20th