updated Mar 31, 2015

C-REX To-Do List

Here is a list of things to do to get ready for CREX.
We are assuming, for now, that much of the apparatus is shared with PREX-II.
See also the  PREX-II todo list 

I. Optics and Septum Design

-- Responsible: Seamus, Juliette, Nickie
-- Optimize kinematics, design septum, strategy for setup.

II. Detectors

-- Responsible: KK and Dustin
-- What is our detector design ?

III. Radiation Shielding

-- Responsible: Kent, Juliette, Rakitha
-- Synergy with PREX-II ?

IV. Target

-- Responsible: Bob, Dave Meekins, Doug Higinbotham
-- Need detailed design
-- Think of how to run back-to-back with PREX-II.