updated Mar 31, 2015

PREX-II To-Do List

Here is a list of things to do to get ready for
a PREX run.  

For CREX, see the CREX todo list.

I. Radiation Shielding

-- Responsible:  Kent, Bob, Rakitha
-- Water-cooled tungsten plug
-- Need full design of external shielding.   status:   ~3/4 complete, need review

II. Vacuum / coupling to HRS

-- Kent, Bob, Rakitha
-- Design of vacuum box and sieve
-- Collimator -- Paul wants to revisit the small-theta cut: Bob

III. Septum

-- Will need new coils.  Can re-use iron.   status:   coils purchased 
-- Basically the same as PREX-I.
-- Develop tuning procedure.  Bob

IV. Compton Polarimeter

-- Laser Polarization:  Kent
-- Laser and photon detector basically ready:  Dave 
-- Manpower revitalized
-- Upgrades of counting DAQ and E-det
-- The upgrades of the counting DAQ and E-det are not needed for PREX.

V. Moller Polarimeter

-- Restore the high-field Moller: Jim Napolitano
-- Electron optics systematics (Geant and data disagree on acceptance): Jim
-- Cryogenics upgrade.    status:   new magnet and cryo upgrade purchased
-- Custom FADC DAQ needs more work

VI. Parity DAQ

-- Restore the DAQ : Bob
-- Starting to use Qweak ADCs.  Two are deployed now.  

VII. Detectors

-- Quartz detectors.  Is the existing design ok ?
-- Linearity studies to improve the limits.
-- Do we want GEMs ?  Probably not.  (check with KK)

XIII. Lumi

-- Redesign : Dustin

IX. Targets

-- Bob responsible
-- Order isotopically pure Lead.   status:   10 foils procured
-- Order diamond foils   status:   30 foils being purchased 
-- Explore concept of running two "stovepipe" chambers for simultaneous PREX/CREX deployment.

X. Raster Sync

-- Agilent function generators procured.  
-- Commissioning Tests :  Bob