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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 10:17:39 on October25,2002

    Entry number 89012

    This entry is a followup to: 88940


    keyword=Q1 trip: what to do

    The Q1 reset procedure has been tested by Mark and Scott. Q1 Left is still not
    entirely reset-able through software, but the good news is that the reset can now
    be done without an access.

    Q1 reset procedure:

    1) on the Monticello Q1 power supply control screen, click the Safety/Reset
    button. This should clear the interlock lights on the power supply front panel.
    2) on this same interface, click the Power Off/Reset button. This should reset
    the IOC. For the right arm, this should complete the reset, but step 3 will likely
    be required for the left arm.
    3) For the left arm, a hardware reset is probably still necessary. Press the
    Left Q1 Emergency Stop button, and use the key (E-stop reset key, which is #4 in
    the key box... and #1 in our hearts) to reset it.
    4) Press the Power On button. It should now be possible to bring the magnet
    back up.