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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 02:56:59 on June 1,2000

    Entry number 42652

    This entry is a followup to: 42642

    keyword=dhist comment corrections

    I found the dhist manual (was on top of scanner). Additional comments
    after comparing reference histos in binder:

    1) apparently 18% efficiency for VDC is "normal"
    2) scint correlations (adc/tdc) look "noisier" -- more off-diagonal stuff --
    .... than shown on plots in binder.
    3) sparse population of e-arm shower ADC plots is perhaps not abnormal
    .... plots in binder look sparse too.

    other comments apparently survive comparison with binder plots, still
    worry about satellite peaks on h-arm tdcs, and high h-arm VDC multiplicity