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    User name E. Brash

    Log entry time 08:08:39 on July25,2000

    Entry number 47317


    keyword=Restarting CODA

    Occasionally, CODA seems to go into this strange mode noticed earlier by Bob Michaels, where the deadtime goes to 90% and the runcontrol terminal window spews messages about problems with ER.

    Here is what we did, which seemed to have a decent success rate.

    1. Kill runcontrol by doing a Ctrl^C in the runcontrol terminal window.
    2. Do kcoda to kill all coda processes.
    3. Kill by hand the et_start process -->

    ps -ef | grep et_start (to get process id)
    kill -9 ####
    rm /tmp/et_sys_tst1

    4. /home/adev/scripts/startET
    5. runcontrol

    then go through the configure-download-startrun game.