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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 11:22:26 on November 9,2000

    Entry number 51754


    keyword=radiator enabled

    Radiator information for Hall A shift people:

    The radiator has been enabled. The motion is unblocked, power supplies
    are on, the water cooler is plugged in and working, and the FSDs for water
    flow were unmasked by MCC, but unchecked as yet as Hall A is masked.

    Quick usage notes and warnings:
    1) GUI: Acess radiator controls from Monticello main menu,
    "Hall A radiator" is the fifth item, in the Hall A menu list.

    2) The radiator should be at the out limit. The Encoder voltage at the top
    of the screen will be about 0.15 V, and the bar chart at the left will be about
    even with the Out Limit button. The Linear Supply voltage at the bottom
    of the screen should be about 5 V, for the Encoder calibration to be reliable.

    3) The radiator is moved by pushing the buttons. Foil 1 is an empty position.
    Foil 2 is the 2%, 3 is the 3%, 4 is the 4%, 5 is the 5% and 6 is the 6% foil.
    The radiator should be moved to the out limit when not in use. There is no
    reason to go to the in limit. Information is being given to MCC on the radiator,
    and the plan for using it is to call MCC and ask them to move it.
    Do not press the buttons yourself.

    4) The radiator position calibration, used by the controller, is lost if the IOC
    is rebooted, and defaults to 0, the out limit. If the radiator is not at the out limit,
    ask MCC to move it there to recalibrate. The encoder readback is unaffected
    and correct.

    5) We plan to use the radiator perhaps 3 or 4 times during Nov / Dec, roughly
    at the end of each kinematics. Expect Xiaodong Jiang and / or Ron Gilman
    to be present for each time. This information is mostly being given in case
    somehow there is problem with radiator, like it is accidently moved in, so that
    you know how to check its position / status.

    Note: FSDs were previously checked by Meekins / Coleman and should be fine.
    The water cooler flow is 6 LPM (thresh = 2 LPM) with pressure 55 psi.
    Power supply is 26 V, 0.5 A, with 1.8 A holding current to motor.