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    User name K. McCormick

    Log entry time 13:43:25 on January18,2001

    Entry number 55011

    This entry is a followup to: 55005

    keyword=HV problems

    There are problems communicating with the HV crates through both the EPICS and port server interfaces. The power probably needs to be cycled on the
    beamline hv crate to fix the EPICS communication, because rebooting the IOC reestablishes communication with the crates on the left and right arms, but not the beamline crate. After consulting with Bob, the problem with the port server could be a polarity change. To fix it, change the polarity adapter on the front of the port server. The port server is located next to the target IOC. Go there, change the adapters (the new one is taped to the front of the port server) and try to connect again. To reset the EPICS, turn the beamline HV crate to off and then cycle the power on it by turning the key. Turn the key back on, then tell someone in the counting house to press the Arcnet crate reset button (3rd one down on the right arm resets column) on the Hall A slow controls GUI (found under the crate resets choice on the GUI). If none of these things work and it's between 10 am and 10 pm then page Kathy McCormick (820-9145).