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    User name Eugene

    Log entry time 22:44:15 on February17,2002

    Entry number 82986


    keyword=Moller results

    Moller measurement 09:15-15:45 E.Chudakov, A.Glamazdin, R.Pomatsalyuk

    Beam conditions: 3.484 (accel) or 3.4786 (EP/Arc measured at 5 passes) , Wien angle 60.o and 45.o.
    1/2 wavelength plate was OUT.

    The beam polarization:

    Wien 60o Pz=+76.6+/-0.2(stat)+/-3(syst)%

    Wien 45o Pz=+79.9+/-0.2(stat)+/-3(syst)%

    The results are preliminary.

    Full information: here.