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    User name weinstein

    Log entry time 16:32:57 on March22,2005

    Entry number 142201

    This entry is a followup to: 142133


    keyword=neutron cuts from (e,e'p) Emiss

    When making cuts for the neutron (and 2nd proton) TOF spectrum, we should cut on SK.Emiss (the (e,e'p) missing energy from the HRS^2) for a) Emiss > 25 MeV (NN knockout threshold) to remove p-shell events that cannot have a 2nd nucleon and b) Emiss < 320 MeV (corresponding to n or p momentum of 800 MeV/c).

    The cuts in the current plot (halog 142133) of 15 < Emiss < 120 do not remove p-shell events and do remove events with p_n > 500 MeV/c.