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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 19:51:29 on November 9,2008

    Entry number 247814


    keyword=T3 delay change

    I removed the 16 ns that Kalyan added since the ADC gate starts to be affected, we will have to double check the timing of ADC at next access. So value was set from 60 ns to 44 ns
    t3_delay t3_delay~
    [a-onl@adaql2 bin]$ t3_delay 44 140

    Input: delay(ns)=44, width(ns)=140

    Sending commands to CAMAC Controller at bbcamac1.jlab.org (

    Delay command successful

    Width command successful

    [a-onl@adaql2 bin]$ pwd