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    User name brads

    Log entry time 20:30:53 on November 09, 2008

    Entry number 247826

    This entry is a followup to: 247814


    keyword=ADC gates should not be affected by coin. timing change(!?)

    Are you sure you're adjusting delay at the right point in the circuit?

    The ADC gates for each detector stack should be independent of the coincidence trigger timing.

    In the case of the LHRS, that should be handled by the retiming module. I recall some concern about whether the retiming overhead would outrun the analog delay in the LHRS. Did the retiming get dropped in the end?

    I can't remember how it's handled for BigBite: are the ADCs gated directly off the L1A? That could be OK since all BB relevant triggers have BB carrying the L1A timing, but you then need to be careful how the timing is adjusted. If you shift the the T1 timing in the coincidence, you'll shift the ADC gates unless you compensate. We know the shower signals ring sometimes, so the ADC gate timing should really be independent of the trigger type.

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