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    User name Higinbotham

    Log entry time 04:55:52 on July 02, 2009

    Entry number 282005

    keyword=Test Lab Map & Items To Be Removed From Hall

    The BigBite area of the Test Lab has been cleaned and is ready for equipment to be brought from the Hall. The items shown in red on the map require the test lab crane. Orientations are important, so a scientist should be with the technitions during craning.

    Items to be moved:

    ( ) Neutron Detector [Crusher]
    ( ) Hadron Package [Crusher?]
    ( ) Electron Package [Crusher?]

    NOTE: The electron package lead glass crystals make this package back heavy and due to the way the crystal are installed the package can only be tilted with the back (lead glass side) higher than the front (wirechamber side).

    ( ) One BigBite Cable Basket [small forklift?]
    ( ) One Burtha [small forklift?]
    ( ) Electronics Rack [large/low trailer]
    ( ) Stand alone rack (wirechamber front end)
    ( ) Stand Alone Rack (wirechamber power)

    NOTE: The two stand alone racks may fit in the "walk in" area of the electronics weldment so that may be able to move together. Otherwise, we can move them with Jack's trailer.

    ( ) BigBite Gas System and Other Misc. Stuff [Jack's Trailer]

    NOTE: Need to check when the OSP for the flamible gas needs to be renewed.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: vasulk@jlab.org,folts@jlab.org,orchen@jlab.org,eip@jlab.org

    Test Lab Map pdf


    Test Lab Map xfig