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    User name R.Michaels/K. Pan

    Log entry time 14:32:55 on August15,2009

    Entry number 284555


    keyword=ROC4 swap, FADC readout update

    Today we swapped out ROC4 on the HRS. The new ROC has 500 Mbyte of
    memory. The old one had 32 MByte. This seems to make the FADC
    readout work for all 8 channels. The FADC memory map is mapped onto
    the cpu memory and is approx. 32 MByte, hence we were crashing the
    cpu if we read beyond ~6 channels.

    The FADC does cause deadtime, however. Below are the tradeoffs.
    We'll probably start HAPPEX with the FADC turned off (use_sis3320
    flag = 0).

    Condition ... DT .... %DT at 100 Hz

    No FADC ..... 125 usec .... ca 1 %
    60 samples .. 492 usec ..... 5%
    100 ......... 712 usec ..... 7%
    512 ......... 3 msec (!) ... 30%

    Whether we install the FADC on the other HRS is iffy. I need to
    find the "V2" FADC. Another FADC is on order but hasn't arrived yet.
    Should arrive before PVDIS though.

    Running with <= 100 samples is problematic. The signal jumps around
    in the window. With 512 samples the picture is stable at the +/-
    40 nsec level. This is not understood yet.

    How to put a signal in: Run the DAQ with your favorite trigger
    and look at the scope for the FADC stop. Put your signal within
    approx 500 nsec of this stop. Should work.