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    User name mcnulty

    Log entry time 19:43:27 on October 26, 2009

    Entry number 296751


    keyword=MCC investigating raster size problem

    At 19:15 MCC started investigating the raster size problem. There was an ioc reboot that they performed just before the harp scan to fix a time/date stamp problem with the harp scan results (I expect there will be an elog about this) and this ioc is tied in to the raster system and some beamline quads. They will investigate that all the settings are what they should be and elog it per my request. However, my feeling is that by 19:45 or 20:00 we should cutoff this effort and get to our measurement even with the slightly smaller raster size...it looks like we can achieve a ~5mm by ~4.5mm (maybe larger) using an 11by11 setting...and we should just take it and run with it.