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    User name silwal

    Log entry time 12:46:27 on October 28, 2009

    Entry number 296896

    This entry is a followup to: 296892


    keyword=changes to generate correct .db files for Pvdis and PvdNoQweak config

    The following changes were made to generate correct .db files for the
    Pvdis and PvdNoQweak configurations

    db/scripts/createDB generates the .db files

    Changes made
    db/misc: created Pvdis.misc and PvdNoQweak.misc
    these files contain lumi weights, and epics variables

    db/cuts: created Pvdis_oversample1.cuts and PvdNoQweak_oversample1.cuts
    these files contain all the cuts

    db/config: added pvdis to Pvdis.def and PvdNoQweak.def

    these changes should generate correct .db files, but I could not test it
    since it looks like someone is working on the daq. every time I tried to
    start a CODA run, I could not connect to any of the ROCs. I will check
    for the correctness of the .db files as soon as any new run is taken.

    Someone should also look at the replayed data too, to make sure all the
    histograms are generated in the trees correctly.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom@jlab.org, dwang@jlab.org,deng@jlab.org,rsubedi@jlab.org,pkpan@jlab.org, mercado@jlab.org