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    User name LeRose

    Log entry time 18:45:22 on July 01, 2010

    Entry number 329316

    This entry is a followup to: 329315

    keyword=Right Dipole NMR lock

    In setting up the right arm I had a problem getting the NMR to lock on the dipole. The problem appears to be that the compensating coil voltage selected by the controls is significantly low. For future reference the following procedure should work.

    Activate the D1 NMR screen for the right arm (from the Hall A Tools Screen) Type in P0 on the Hall A Tools screen. Change the settings in the NMR screen to probe A and set the compensating coil voltage to 4.0 Volts. (n.b. 4 Volts is correct for settings in the vicinity of 1 GeV/c, the same is true for probe A)

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