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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 10:48:22 on February 02, 2011

    Entry number 346043


    keyword=Resets for BigBite/HAND crates

    I reconnected the crate reset cables to the Fastbus crates: ROC 8, 9 and 
    10 in the weldment.  I did a quick to test to make sure the software works
    with the ts2 crate reset, which is not used.  When there is a break in the 
    data taking for both BigBite and HAND, I would like to test the resets to 
    make sure they work for all the crates.
    For the trigger supervisor and ROC 5, I will plug these crates into 
    hareboot30 along with bbcamac1 and the portservers, though bbps2 is 
    already connected to hareboot30.  However, I need to power off these 
    devices to move the cables to hareboot30.
    Documentation for the resets is on the E07-006 wiki page, which Larry can
    transfer to the E07-006 "How-To" page.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: nmuangma,lselvy,orchen,igorko,brads,kelleher,rshneor