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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 15:51:34 on February 09, 2011

    Entry number 346224

    This entry is a followup to: 346098

    keyword=Re: Right arm EDTM Setup

    I rearranged the right arm EDTM pulser setup for simulated T1's to be 
    similar to the setup on the left arm.  This entails using the back output
    of the EDTM module for S1 on the right arm to feed the pulser into the 
    S2m electronics.  Also the copy of the pulser from the weldment is now
    coming up on one of the new RG-8 cables rather than the longer RG-58's.
    Since the EDTM pulser is now coming earlier than before to the S2m 
    system, I was able to change the parameter "DRIGHT_S2M in the edtmsetup 
    file from 210 to 50.  This should give us more headroom if we need it.  
    With the new setup, the "OR" of S1 EDTM now comes about 28 ns before the 
    "OR" of the S2m EDTM signals.  
    We also verified that the cosmic trigger has T1's timing defined off of 
    the S2m detector as it is on the left arm, i.e., S1 "OR" comes about 
    30 ns before the S2m "OR" for T1.
    Now that both HRS EDTM systems have T1 and T3 setup correctly, we are 
    ready to simulate T5.

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