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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 19:33:59 on February 06, 2011

    Entry number 346098


    keyword=Right arm EDTM Setup

    I was able to simulate the T1 trigger with the EDTM system on the right 
    HRS.  For S2m, I took four unused signal cables to the splitter boxes on
    the sides of the detector.  I then connected two copies of the EDTM signal
    from the front output of channels 1-2 of the S2 EDTM module to a x10 
    amplifier.  The outputs from this module were then set via the cables to 
    the splitter boxes.  
    I found that the simulated "OR" of S2m came about 180 ns after the "OR" of
    S1 at the location that T1 is formed.  I changed the parameter DRIGHT_S2M
    in the edtmsetup file from 0 to 210.  With this delay in the S1 EDTM 
    signal, the "OR" of S1 EDTM now comes about 24 ns after the "OR" of the S2m
    EDTM.  I can probably reduce this needed delay if I use the back output 
    signal from the S2 EDTM module instead of the front.  This is due to the 
    fact that the internal delay between the front and back outputs is about 
    120 ns.  

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