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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:31:07 on February 18, 2011

    Entry number 347504

    This entry is a followup to: 347445


    keyword=re: roc 4 slot 23 -- fastbus test -- ok

    I ran the fastbus test code on roc 4 slot 23 and it looks ok.
    One can test slots with test_1877.o, test_1881.o and test_1872.o.
    The latter is for 1875 actually.
    -> ld</adaqfs/halla/a-onl/vxworks/test_1877.o
    value = 513659792 = 0x1e9dd390
    -> test_1877 23
    resetRegisterGroupLca2 = FAE0201C
    FastbusTimeoutRegister = FAE02000
    FastbusdArbitrationLevelReg = FAE02004
    fastPrimDsr = FAE10004
    Block Read data stored at address 0x1ebeca60 dmaptr = 0x26beca60
    Module ID = 0x103c0000
    DATA 1: 193 words
          0xb80080c1  0xb8011283  0xb8001389  0xbc031283  0xbc021389 
    0xbc051283  0xbc041389  0xb8071283
          0xb8061389  0xbc091283  0xbc081389  0xb80b1283  0xb80a1389 
    0xb80d1283  0xb80c1389  0xbc0f1283
          0xbc0e1389  0xb8111284  0xb810138b  0xbc131284  0xbc12138b 
    0xbc151284  0xbc14138b  0xb8171284
          0xb816138b  0xb8191283  0xbc18138b  0xb81b1284  0xb81a138b 
    0xb81d1284  0xb81c138b  0xbc1f1284
          0xbc1e138b  0xb8211282  0xb8201388  0xbc231282  0xbc221388 
    0xbc251282  0xbc241388  0xb8271282
          0xb8261388  0xbc291282  0xbc281388  0xb82b1282  0xb82a1388 
    0xb82d1282  0xb82c1388  0xbc2f1282
          0xbc2e1388  0xbc311282  0xbc301388  0xb8331282  0xb8321388 
    0xb8351282  0xb8341388  0xbc371282
          0xbc361388  0xb8391282  0xb8381388  0xbc3b1282  0xbc3a1388 
    0xbc3d1282  0xbc3c1388  0xb83f1282
          0xb83e1388  0xbc411285  0xbc401389  0xb8431285  0xb8421389 
    0xb8451285  0xb8441389  0xbc471285
          0xbc461389  0xb8491285  0xb8481389  0xbc4b1285  0xbc4a1389 
    0xbc4d1285  0xbc4c1389  0xb84f1285
          0xb84e1389  0xbc511284  0xbc501388  0xb8531284  0xb8521388 
    0xb8551284  0xb8541388  0xbc571284
          0xbc561388  0xb8591284  0xb8581388  0xbc5b1284  0xbc5a1388 
    0xbc5d1284  0xbc5c1388  0xb85f1284
          0xb85e1388  0xb8611285  0xb8601389  0xbc631285  0xbc621389 
    0xbc651285  0xbc641389  0xb8671285
          0xb8661389  0xbc691285  0xbc681389  0xb86b1285  0xb86a1389 
    0xb86d1285  0xb86c1389  0xbc6f1285
          0xbc6e1389  0xb8711284  0xb8701388  0xbc731284  0xbc721388 
    0xbc751284  0xbc741388  0xb8771284
          0xb8761388  0xbc791284  0xbc781388  0xb87b1284  0xb87a1388 
    0xb87d1284  0xb87c1388  0xbc7f1284
          0xbc7e1388  0xbc811286  0xb880138b  0xb8831286  0xbc82138b 
    0xb8851286  0xbc84138b  0xbc871286
          0xb886138b  0xb8891286  0xbc88138b  0xbc8b1286  0xb88a138b 
    0xbc8d1286  0xb88c138b  0xb88f1286
          0xbc8e138b  0xbc911287  0xb890138c  0xb8931287  0xb892138b 
    0xb8951288  0xb894138b  0xbc971288
          0xb896138c  0xb8991287  0xb898138b  0xbc9b1288  0xb89a138c 
    0xbc9d1288  0xb89c138c  0xb89f1288
          0xbc9e138c  0xb8a11285  0xb8a0138a  0xbca31285  0xbca2138a 
    0xbca51285  0xbca4138a  0xb8a71285
          0xb8a6138a  0xbca91285  0xbca8138a  0xb8ab1285  0xb8aa138a 
    0xb8ad1285  0xb8ac138a  0xbcaf1285
          0xbcae138a  0xb8b11284  0xbcb01389  0xbcb31284  0xb8b21389 
    0xbcb51284  0xb8b41389  0xb8b71284
          0xbcb6138a  0xbcb91284  0xb8b81389  0xb8bb1284  0xbcba138a 
    0xbcbd1285  0xbcbc138a  0xb8bf1285
    Done with 1 loops(s)
    value = 21 = 0x15