Notes, June 6, 2017

How to add documents to the DocDB

For the PREX DocDB there is a public and a private area.

As we're set up, the private area contains 100% of documents
and the public area is a subset of the private area.
Any JLab user can login with their JLab CUE password and
add documents.  You add the file to the private DocDB
and it will also appear on the public DocDB if you set
the appropriate field (see next paragraph).

If you want the document to be public you must select
"Can View" as "Public" when you do a Document Addition.
Public vs private can be changed later by clicking
"Update Metadata" on the document.

People who are "administrators" can add new topics, 
administer accounts, delete/change stuff, etc.  
At present we have 5 administrators.  They are 
adminstrators on the private DocDB.

Kent was telling me we should think about the list of topics,
so let us pause on adding topics to the DocDB until such a
conversation occurs.  (these notes written on 6/6/2017)

The DocDB itself has a bunch of information about DocDB,
so I refer you there for more info.  See "About DocDB"
link on the left panel.

Note, this is different from contributing to the wiki.
For that you need a different password that is not your
CUE password.  (Can have the same username, though.)
See the main page for instructions.