updated May 26, 2017

C-REX To-Do List

Here is a list of things to do to get ready for CREX.
Much of the apparatus is shared with PREX-II as these experiments run back-to-back.
See also the  PREX-II todo list 

I. Optics and Septum Design

-- Responsible: Seamus, Juliette
-- Kinematics settled upon, magnet and target chamber shared with PREX-II.
-- Using the 3-coil magnet

II. Detectors

-- Responsible: KK and Dustin

III. Radiation Shielding

-- Responsible: Kent, Juliette, Rakitha
-- Largely designed, needs review.

IV. Target

-- Responsible: Silviu and Target Group
-- Existing Ca48 target tilted at 45 degrees.
-- Design largely finished, some parts in fabrication.