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class TreeSearch::TreeParam_t

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

UInt_tfMaxdepthDepth of tree
Double_tfMaxslopeMax slope (dx/dz) of tracks
Bool_tfNormalizedmaxslope and zpos are normalized
Double_tfWidthPhysical detector width (needed in Hitpattern)
vector<Double_t>fZposz-positions of pattern planes

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Function documentation

Int_t Normalize()
 Test, then normalize parameter values to width = 1 and z_max = 1.
 Returns 0 on success, != 0 on error. On success only, the input data
 are irreversibly modified: zpos.front() and zpos.back() will be 0 and 1,
 respectively, and maxslope is scaled to the normalized aspect ratio.
 width is not changed
TreeParam_t(UInt_t maxdepth, Double_t width, Double_t maxslope, const vector<Double_t>& zpos)
UInt_t maxdepth() const
{ return fMaxdepth; }
Double_t width() const
{ return fWidth; }
Double_t maxslope() const
{ return fMaxslope; }
const vector<Double_t>& zpos() const
{ return fZpos; }
const PatternTree& operator=(const TreeSearch::TreeParam_t& )