class THaCrateMap

  Layout, or "map", of DAQ Crates.

  THaCrateMap contains info on how the DAQ crates
  are arranged in Hall A, i.e whether slots are
  fastbus or vme, what the module types are, and
  what header info to expect.  Probably nobody needs
  to know about this except the author, and at present
  an object of this class is a private member of the decoder.

  author  Robert Michaels (

Function Members (Methods)

THaCrateMap(const char* db = "cratemap")
THaCrateMap(const THaCrateMap&)
static TClass*Class()
boolcrateUsed(int crate) const
intgetHeader(int crate, int slot) const
intgetMask(int crate, int slot) const
intgetModel(int crate, int slot) const
const char*GetName() const
UShort_tgetNchan(int crate, int slot) const
UShort_tgetNdata(int crate, int slot) const
intgetNslot(int crate) const
intgetScalerCrate(int word) const
const char*getScalerLoc(int crate) const
intinit(TString the_map)
intinit(ULong64_t time = 0)
intinit_hc(ULong64_t time)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
boolisCamac(int crate) const
boolisFastBus(int crate) const
boolisScalerCrate(int crate) const
boolisVme(int crate) const
THaCrateMap&operator=(const THaCrateMap&)
voidprint() const
intsetCrateType(int crate, const char* type)
intsetHeader(int crate, int slot, int head)
intsetMask(int crate, int slot, int mask)
intsetModel(int crate, int slot, UShort_t mod, UShort_t nchan = MAXCHAN, UShort_t ndata = MAXDATA)
intsetScalerLoc(int crate, const char* location)
voidsetSlotDone(int slot)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
boolslotClear(int crate, int slot) const
boolslotDone(int slot) const
boolslotUsed(int crate, int slot) const
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidincrNslot(int crate)
voidsetClear(int crate, int slot, bool clear)
intSetModelSize(int crate, int slot, UShort_t model)
voidsetUsed(int crate, int slot)

Data Members

enum ECrateCode { kUnknown
static const intCM_ERR
static const intCM_OK
static const UShort_tMAXCHAN
static const UShort_tMAXDATA
static const intMAXROC
static const intMAXSLOT
TStringfDBfileNameDatabase file name
intheader[32][27]Header signature
intheadmask[32][27]Mask for header signature bits
UShort_tmodel[32][27]Model number
UShort_tnchan[32][27]Number of channels for device
UShort_tndata[32][27]Number of datawords
intnslot[32]Number of slots used

Class Charts

Inheritance Chart:

Function documentation

THaCrateMap( const char* db_filename )
 Construct uninitialized crate map. The argument is the name of
 the database file to use for initialization
int getScalerCrate(int word) const
int setCrateType(int crate, const char* type)
int setModel(int crate, int slot, UShort_t mod, UShort_t nchan = MAXCHAN, UShort_t ndata = MAXDATA)
int SetModelSize(int crate, int slot, UShort_t model)
 Set the max number of channels and data words for some known modules
int setHeader(int crate, int slot, int head)
int setMask(int crate, int slot, int mask)
int setScalerLoc(int crate, const char* location)
void incrNslot(int crate)
int init(ULong64_t tloc)
 Modify the interface to be able to use a database file.
 The real work is done by the init(TString&) method
int init_hc(ULong64_t time)
void print()
int init(TString the_map)
 initialize the crate-map according to the lines in the string 'the_map'
 parse each line separately, to ensure that the format is correct
bool isFastBus(int crate) const
bool isVme(int crate) const
bool isCamac(int crate) const
bool isScalerCrate(int crate) const
bool crateUsed(int crate) const
bool slotUsed(int crate, int slot) const
bool slotClear(int crate, int slot) const
int getModel(int crate, int slot) const
int getMask(int crate, int slot) const
UShort_t getNchan(int crate, int slot) const
UShort_t getNdata(int crate, int slot) const
int getNslot(int crate) const
const char* getScalerLoc(int crate) const
int getHeader(int crate, int slot) const
void setUsed(int crate, int slot)
void setClear(int crate, int slot, bool clear)
bool slotDone(int slot) const
void setSlotDone(int slot)
void setSlotDone(int slot)
THaCrateMap( const char* db = "cratemap" )
virtual ~THaCrateMap()
const char* GetName()
{ return fDBfileName.Data(); }

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