Agenda and Minutes for 2010/12/14

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SoLID Meeting, December 14, 2010, 11:00PM

In attendance: Seamus Riordan, Zhiwen Zhao, Lorenzo Zana, Simona Malace, Mark Dalton , Dustin McNulty, Maurizio Ungaro

Maurizio has introduced us "gemc" which is a geant4 simulation package.

Even though the program is written initially for CLAS12, but it's designed general enough to be used by other detectors. The program has been developed for several years and has used by other smaller project. Most of its design and functionality are in coincidence with what we want for Solid G4 simulation.

So the big question is, shall we adopt gemc for solid simulation? The advantage is obvious, we will have start with a fairly mature program and improve it to address Solid specific change. This should give us a better quality control and quick turn out. We don't see major obstacles yet. And Maurizio agreed to give us a hands on session and deeper dive into the code before we make a final decision.

Seamus has made some progress on geometry Solidsim geometry spec

Zhiwen worked on the magnetic field map Magnetic Field Map