Compton EDet DAQ Cable Maps

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EDet DAQ Cable Maps


TI Signal
TS#6 Helicity
TS#1-4 VTP output
TRG Unknown


FADC Signal
Ch.1 Photon detector
Ch.2 MPS
Ch.3 Helicity
Ch.4 Pulser
Ch.5 TI Busy
Ch.15 Cavity power
Ch.16 BCM


Scaler Signal
control 1 MPS
Ch.1 Not Connected
Ch.2 40 MHz Clock
Ch.3 BPM2A Y-
Ch.4 BPM2A Y+
Ch.5 BPM2A X-
Ch.6 BPM2A X+
Ch.7 BPM2B Y-
Ch.8 BPM2B Y+
Ch.9 BPM2B X-
Ch.10 BPM2B X+
Ch.11 HFinger (Top) (?)
Ch.12 VFinger (Side) (?)
Ch.13 Cavity Power
Ch.14 Trig (Low Threshold) (?)
Ch.15 BCM
Ch.16 Not Connected
Ch.17 ComptonDSbg1 (?)
Ch.18 ComptonDSbg2 (?)
Ch.19 40 MHz Clock (?)
Ch.20 40 MHz Clock (?)
Ch.21 ComptonUSbg1 (?)
Ch.22 MPS Scaler (?)
Ch.23 ComptonCentralRateHigh (?)
Ch.24 ComptonCentralRate (?)
Ch.25 BCM
Ch.26 VTP Trigger Output 5
Ch.27 VTP Trigger Output 4
Ch.28 VTP Trigger Output 3
Ch.29 VTP Trigger Output 2
Ch.30 VTP Trigger Output 1
Ch.31 VTP Trigger Output 0

Photon detector IP Scaler (data channel 1-16) and Run Scaler (channel 17-32) are fed into the 32 data channels (up to vtpCompton run # 986). IP scaler and Run scaler Changes made to channels 17-32 of the scaler on Feb 25 2020.


Discriminators Cable VECTROC
A-Left-Top AL4 A-Left-Bottom
A-Left-Bottom AL3 A-Left-Top
A-Right-Top AR4 A-Right-Bottom
A-Right-Bottom AR3 A-Right-Top
B-Left-Top BL4 B-Left-Bottom
B-Left-Bottom BL3 B-Left-Top
B-Right-Top BR2 B-Right-Bottom
B-Right-Bottom BR1 B-Right-Top
C-Left-Top CL2 D-Left-Bottom
C-Left-Bottom CL3 D-Left-Top
C-Right-Top CR2 D-Right-Bottom
C-Right-Bottom CR1 D-Right-Top
D-Left-Top DL2 C-Left-Bottom
D-Left-Bottom DL1 C-Left-Top
D-Right-Top DR2 C-Right-Bottom
D-Right-Bottom DR1 C-Right-Top