Compton Edet DAQ

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Software is located in /usr/compton/src

  • /usr/compton/src/flipnew-edet
  • /usr/compton/src/flipnew-edet-dev

Software package :

  • tdma.c
  • tloop.c
  • initelec.c

VME register

Stand alone DAQ

For teststing we are using also a stand alone code.

In CODA choose the configuration EtrocOnly.

To change parameter settings we use a few functions from a stand alone library.


or_mode : number of adjacent strip to a hit to generate a trigger

and_mode : number of planes required to trigger

work_mod : 1 for electron olny , 2 coincidence with photon

coin width : number from 1 to 11

PrintPlaneTab() : to show which strips are ativated

WritePlaneTab(plane, 16 bit word number, 16 bit word pattern ) : to write a 16 bit pattern for a given plane for the activated strips

EnableAll() : to load the pattern in the module

AllPlane() : enables all strip of all planes

NoPlane() : Disables all planes

To look at the data : go in to directory ~/camsonne/decoding/hana_decode/

and launch the newdec program :

 newdec [run number]

One can look at the tree T or the histograms. One macro to display the histograms is DrawElect.C

.x DrawElect.C

To generate files to post use the DrawFile.C macro

.L DrawFile.C
 DrawFile(run number)

Detector cabling