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November 7th 2008 5.9 GeV 5 pass beam

MCC is performing ion chamber calibration. Was done using BeO and will finish with the Reference cell.

Plan is :

  • Kalyan coincidence trigger test
  • Check beam properties beam profile with HARP with <math>\sigma_{x}</math> and <math>\sigma_{y}</math> around 150 <math>\mu m</math> and beam position

For the solid targets and reference cell

BPM A (1.0,4.0) BPM B (-1.0,4.0)

  • Ask for raster on, request (4.5x4 mm to MCC this should get 3x3 mm on target. Check with spot
  • Go to reference cell with N2 135 psig for ion chamber set point, this should be the densest target which will be used
  • Go back to BeO, go to 5 uA with raster off
  • Bull's eye scan ( Vince )
  • Helium 3 running

Move to empty target

Go to tune beam 1uA BPM A (1.0,4.0) BPM B (-1.0,4.0)

  • Helium 3 centering check

Go to 2uA CW Change raster size and check the trigger rates, record scaler rates on HALOG

  • raster 2x2mm
  • raster 3x3mm
  • raster 4x4mm
  • raster 5x5mm

if rate on 5x5mm = rate at 4x4 mm, we can go to production

  • page Xin to turn on BB HV at 584 5648
  • Check target is polarized
  • Check rate to find optimum running current
  • Stay at this current in twoarmFB and take production data
  • Few run with RICH could be requested

Subsytems checks

  • HRS

--A1 --RICH --S1 --S2m --Gas Cerenkov --pion rejector

  • BigBite

-MWDC -shower -Gas Cerenkov

  • Target

-polarization -spin flip -EPR -NMR -COMET laser -EPICS