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Calibrate Epics and CODA readings of BPM between themselves and against the harps.


We'll move the beam at 5 different positions and take a CODA run and a harp scan at each position

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Tell MCC to adjust the beam position to (0,0) in both BMP A and B. Tell them to let you know when they are done adjusting the beam.
  2. At this moment, start a CODA run (CODA configuration: LeftHRS) for about 5min. It is NOT important to get exactly (0,0) in BPMs so if MCC does not get good positions within 5min, settle to whatever they can get. It is, however, important to start the CODA run AFTER MCC has finished adjusting the beam.
  3. After stopping the CODA run, ask MCC to perform a HARP scan in both Harps 4A and 4B. Watch results in MCC log, and link them to our HALOG entry.
  4. Go back to step 1 and request a new beam position for both BPM.

List of positions:

  • (0,0)
  • (+3,+3)
  • (+3,-3)
  • (-3,-3)
  • (-3,+3)

Make a halog entry summarizing the results. For each setting log:

  • Requested setting (eg. +3,+3)
  • CODA run number
  • MCC harp results (X and Y position of 4A and 4B, and link to MCC elog entry)