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Database for 551B

The main difference with previous database setup was the change to the CRL code when going from the CRAM 551 sequencer to the CRAM 551B sequencer.

The database can be viewed and edited with either cedit (graphical tool for adding elements) or dbedit (tabular access of the database). The database for this setup is gep5test.

The database program is msql. The msqld daemon must be running to run coda. It is useful to start this daemon in a terminal window, so as to monitor it. The msql configuration directory is /home/gep5/msql. These various directories and names are specified in the appropriate places in the /home/gep5/codausersetup script:

Cedit screenshots

The run type ( or sometimes called the configuration) that is used for the gep5test database is scint.

  • One starts cedit by typing cedit in any terminal started under the gep5 account.
  • cedit automatically opens the gep5test database.
  • Assuming that you have an run type already loaded into the database.
    • When the GUI opens, one clicks on the File menu and selects Open ( do not select Open Database)
    • When another GIU opens select scint
  • Otherwise one has to create a database from scratch.

For the scint run type, here is the main cedit screenshot, showing the four elements that are needed for a simple VME-based acquisition system:

  1. A ROC, corresponding to the VME crate (ROC1 - vmedvcseel2)
  2. An event recorder (ER1)
  3. An event buffer (EB1)
  4. A element corresponding to the data file (coda_1)