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generator by Marie Boer

Marie's page [1]

    • 2017
    • 2015
      • output root file from the generator for 15cm LH2 target /volatile/halla/solid/mboer/Generator/
      • output root file with acceptance from the acceptance code /volatile/halla/solid/zwzhao/dilepton on disk, /mss/halla/solid/zwzhao/dilepton on tape
      • plots and table https://userweb.jlab.org/~zwzhao/dilepton/
    • 2016
      • output root file from the generator /lustre/expphy/work/hallb/clasg10/rafopar/DDVCS/Job_out
      • output root file with acceptance from the analysis code /home/zwzhao/work_halla/dilepton/generator/
        • original_2016_04_21/DEEPGen_*.root, original file
        • DDVCS_2016_04_21/DEEPGen_*_SoLID_DDVCS_JPsiSetup_muon_3rdFAMD_1stLAMD.root, file with acceptance, use entry "accep_3fold_eloutdecaypair_FA" or "accep_3fold_eloutdecaypair_FALA" for physics study
        • original_2016_05_14/DEEPGen_*.root, original file
        • DDVCS_2016_05_14/DEEPGen_*_SoLID_DDVCS_JPsiSetup_muon_3rdFAMD_1stLAMD.root, file with acceptance, use entry "accep_3fold_eloutdecaypair_FA" or "accep_3fold_eloutdecaypair_FALA" for physics study
    • acceptance codes are in SVN https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/evgen/dilepton/, see "readme" file there


jpsi electro and photoproduction used for solid jpsi update and hallc jpsi https://eicweb.phy.anl.gov/monte_carlo/lager

JPsi electroproduction from proton used for solid jpsi proposal https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/evgen/JPsi/

jpsi photoproduction from proton used for clas12 jpsi analysis https://github.com/JeffersonLab/jpsigen


BH from quasi-real electron by EPA and real photon on proton target


https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/evgen/genTCS (old)



    • used by the experiments at DESY/HERA


    • BH from photoproduction, used by ZEUS


(It may work on neutron also)
GiBUU does a good job with real photons on a proton (or heavier)
target.  It doesn't handle electroproduction as nicely (at least not the
last time I asked the Giessen group).
It is fairly straight forward to generate events, and there USED to be
good examples of input jobcards on the website, but they have been removed
recently while they upgrade.  I'd think the best route is to email them
directly to get the code and also ask for the example jobcards.



HEPGEN (Hard Exclusive Production GENerator) is a dedicated Monte Carlo generator of events, which is used for studies of hard exclusive leptoproduction processes at the COMPASS experiment kinematic domain. The studied reactions comprise both single photon production via Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) and Bethe-Heitler (BH) process as well as hard exclusive production of various mesons (HEMP). In addition to exclusive processes, HEPGEN allows also to generate events of single photon or meson production accompanied by the diffractive dissociation of the nucleon, which is one of the main sources of background in analyses of exclusive processes.


 the event generator that we
used in the past for the study of vector meson electroproduction at CLAS(12).
In this event generator, originally written by our Italian
colleagues from Genova, there is the possibility
to generate 2-pion electroproduction.
You can find the source code of this "genev" event generator
in the "/u/home/guidal/genev" directory on the JLab machines.
I haven't compiled this code for ages. The Makefile probably
needs to be modified/updated.
I just renamed the original main source file "genev_orig.f" and I replaced
it by a newer "genev.f", which I modified a few years ago to
have the event generator working up to 12 GeV JLab energies
(orginally the code was working only for 6 GeV). I implemented
this "upgrade" mostly for the rho, omega and phi channels,
I am not 100% sure that it also applies to non-resonant 2-pion.
You will have to check.
The input file is "genev.inp" where you see the list
of channels available; in particular for 2-pion, you should
take "15".
The output of the event generator is in "hbook" format.
by following the README, I can compile code close to your original by
login ifarml64
source /group/clas/builds/64bit/environment64.orig.csh
setenv CLAS_LIB /u/group/clas/builds/64bit/NIGHTLY/2010-10-13-r1492/build/lib
setenv CERN_ROOT /u/site/cernlib/x86_64_rhel4/2005
edit Makefile to replace "-L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.1.2/" with "-L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.4.7/"

download at https://userweb.jlab.org/~zwzhao/DDVCS/genev_guidal.tgz

some info


other fork?



Exclusive 2pi generator from Iuliia

code https://github.com/skorodumina/twopeg

wiki https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/TWOPEG_event_generator

slide for instruction https://www.jlab.org/indico/event/114/session/3/contribution/111/material/slides/0.pdf

CLAS data in database http://clas.sinp.msu.ru/cgi-bin/jlab/db.cgi?beam=1;beam_pol=0;tgt=proton;tz=;ta=;target_pol=0;final=4;final_pol=0;q2min=;q2max=;wmin=;wmax=;xmin=;xmax=;ephmin=;ephmax=;authors=;year=;eid=;selected-fields=id;selected-fields=final;selected-fields=q2min;selected-fields=q2max;selected-fields=wmin;selected-fields=wmax;selected-fields=quantity;selected-fields=title;selected-fields=authors;selected-fields=year;limit=100;search=Start%20search;ofs=1300