Friday, December 7, 2012 11am EST - Compton

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Previous meeting: NA


  1. Qweak Compton electron detector summary (Vladas)
  2. Element 6 (Juliette)
  3. Jay is getting field plate separation from Joyce to generate maps for Yves -> beam profile including halo!
  4. Plan going forward:
    1. test Qweak quartz electron detector
    2. test Hall A silicon detector (with Qweak electronics?)
      1. reproduce noise spectrum from Hall A?
      2. modify front end to work with Hall A?
    3. Consider alternative detector technologies
      1. diamond
      2. micromegas
  5. Simulation?


  1. Want a talk with more details to learn about efficiencies, with nitty-gritty details (Vladas)
    1. raw spectra
    2. strip by strip efficiencies
    3. comparison to simulation
  2. Bench tests at JLAB for Qweak and Hall A detectors
    1. Push performance of detectors to their limit (reduce noise, improve strip by strip efficiency)
    2. Hall A test stand (in Hall A) - when vacuum chamber complete (January)
    3. Hall C has been dismantled, need to set it up
  3. efficiency tests at Idaho State
    1. ship "everything" to Idaho State
    2. beam diagnostics (provide something for this?)
    3. how to use beam (timing structure of beam is different)
    4. many more channels
  4. Simulation
    1. GEANT3 for Hall C exists, works - can use second step to do re-scattering studies and photon collection in photon detector
    2. GEANT4 or G4 BEAMLINE (Peppo) - not needed? (C++ vs. Fortran)


  1. Sirish will post Compton geometry, excel spreadsheet
  2. Juliette hopes to have a C++ calculator to produce plots

Tentatively for next time:

  1. Qweak detector efficiencies (Vladas)
  2. Report on progress with test stands for Hall A/Qweak detectors (Alex/Rob)
  3. Summary of Idaho State accelerator facility (Dustin)
  4. Dose estimates for 11 GeV (Juliette/Dipangkar)

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