Friday, November 9, 2012 11:00am EST

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Call In

   Phone #: 1-866-740-1260
   Code: 3910040


  1. Root tree variables dictionary
  2. Creating standard rootfiles - what do people need?
    1. Paul and Julie (analysis)
    2. Dave A. (tracking)
    3. Konrad (Kaon simulations)
  3. Status reports
    1. Sensitivity/collimator update (Jon)
    2. Detector simulations (Peiqing) slides at DocDB
    3. Generators (Dustin) Improvements
    4. Maintenance (Juliette)
  4. Projects


  1. Juliette will fill in rest of table (including units) for the current state of the simulation and generate a proposed philosophy to follow for updating some of the variable definitions.
  2. Part of philosophy of keeping everything in mollersim:
    1. Didn't hear back from Paul or Julie; will keep trying.
    2. Not sure if a "standard" rootfile will be sufficient.
    3. Need more feedback from Konrad about what he wants to do (need physics, decide how to incorporate it)
  3. Status reports
    1. Need to refine how field maps are stored (bunary?)
    2. Deferred until next meeting
    3. Deferred until next meeting
    4. Add gdml, output to rootfile, add secondary messenger, put rate normalizations in simulation, change variable def'ns (see item 1), add particle names, fix volume definitions, etc.
  4. People are starting to update their sections; please also consider updating sections at MOLLER GEANT4 Simulations

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