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Tungsten calorimeter


Analysis and scripts

you can find the script in: /adaqfs/home/adaq/pzhu/bcm/tungsten

Tungsten Calorimeter Calibration Results

calibration constant can find in: here

Note: SIS3801 have different constant with SIS3800

~3.17	3rm downstream scaler abnormal
3.18~4.2	LHRS upstream scaler noisy
4.2~4.9	RHRS SIS3801 scaler not working
4.9	changed RHRS scaler channel for bcm
4.19~	calibration constant changed
Near 5.12	3rm sis3801 not working?
5.13~5.14	downstream broken
in constant area:	
blue	available slope
green	available pedestal
black	not available
"in avail run area:
 black means not available
same color  in neighbour cell means same calibration constant"	

how to use calibration constant to calulate charge:

happex	C=slope*875us*(ΔA-ped*ΔEntry))
scaler	SIS3800 & SIS3801 C=slope*(ΔA-ped*ΔEntry)

how to use calibration constant to calulate current:

happex:  I=slope*(rate-ped)*875/1041.65
sis3800: I=slope*(rate-ped*clockrate)
sis3801: I=slope*(rate-ped*103.7k*971.65us)/1041.65us

New Hall A 2 channel BCM receiver 1H00





EPICS screens

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