Hall A Survey Reports (d2n)

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Surveys were taken before Transversity, at the beginning of d2n, and after d2n wrapped up.

JLab Alignment Group's Hall A survey reports (overall list)

Survey reports that are / may be relevant to us:

Report Date Description
A1185 10/02/2008 Hall A Compton alignment.
A1190 10/27/2008 He3 target assembly
A1191 10/28/2008 BigBite sieve/det package.
A1196 11/11/2008 Slit location relative to spectrometers.
A1214 01/26/2009 Coordinates for cartridges near new moller in line A
A1217 02/06/2009 Results of target ladder Feb 05, 2009 survey.
A1218 02/06/2009 He3 field mapping
A1219 02/11/2009 BigBite det package.
A1225 04/10/2009 Hall A Moeller area as-found survey
A1226 04/22/2009 He3 field mapping
A1227 04/22/2009 Results of target ladder Apr, 2009 survey.
A1229 04/30/2009 Big Bite Hadron detector survey.
A1233 06/19/2009 He3 horz field mapping
A1235 08/03/2009 Hall A pointings E031709A, E041009A, E/H051209A & H042309A.
A1239 08/20/2009 Hall A collimator/sieve calibration.