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Electronic and Hardware Inventory at ESB (used in the prototype)

Some of this equipment could be used in the final configuration of GRINCH. The list is keeping it apart to emphasize the placement of all items.

This list will be modified according to any item which is removed or added

  • 01 June 2017
  • 1x HV crate, raspeberry PI controlled
  • 5x LeCroy 1461P HV modules
  • 16x HV cables
  • 1x HV 16 ch Distribution box to daisy chain connectors
  • 1x VMX Crate
  • 1x VMX controller
  • 1x VETROC module (4x more in storage)
  • 1x GTP module
  • 1x TI module
  • 2x unidentified VME modules
  • 1x BNC2BNC panel
  • 2x BNC2FlatCable panel
  • 1x Fermilab scaler
  • 1 NIM crate
  • 2x LeCroy ECL-NIM-ECL module
  • 1x Ortec counter
  • 1x P/S 794 4 units gate/delay generator
  • 1x P/S 726 Level translator
  • 1x P/S 706 16 units discriminator
  • 1x P/S 778 16 units amplifier
  • 1x P/S 740 4 units FI/FO
  • 1x P/S 755 4 units logic unit
  • 1x P/S 711 6 units discriminator
  • 1x LVDS2ECL panel
  • 1x GW Instgem Power Supply (LED)
  • 1x 6306D-1D Power Supply (Patch Panel)

  • 23 June 2017

(in addition to previous list)

  • 1x LeCroy 1461P HV module
  • 1x LeCroy 1461N HV module
  • patch panel with approximately six high-voltage and six signal cable connectors need more specification

  • 07 July 2017
  • 2x Scintillator paddles with PMT (for cosmic test)
PMTs inventory until the date
  • PMTs suitable to use:UPDATE 2017-07-26
    • 472x installed in the array
    • 118x spare to be keep at W&M
  • PMTs who didn't pass the gain test: UPDATE 2017-07-26
    • 79x in a box
    • 43x (were in the array)
    • 3x broken
  • 81x used in the prototype

  • 10 July 2017
PMTs from JMU, JULY 10th
97x PMTs tested at JMU
  • PMTs suitable to use:
    • 82x
      • 38x installed in the array
      • 11x spare to be keep at W&M
      • 33x sorted by gain groups, separated in a box

  • 24 July 2017
PMTs from JMU, JULY 24th
30x PMTs tested at JMU (To Be Classified)

TOTAL PMTs: 920 This is the number of PMTs, until the date, present at ESB (Installed in the array, spare separated in boxes and useless).

  • 10 October 2017
  • 2x Scintillator paddles with PMT (for cosmic test) RETURNED TO BOGDAN IN HIS LAB