June 25, 2010

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Time: 16:00 noon - Room: A110

  1. All: News and Updates
  2. Feature presentation:
    1. DAQs test with 1000Hz helicity flipping;
      1. [table by Roman]
      2. [rates plot from Roman]
    2. Old DAQ rate vs threshold [plot by Roman]
  1. Status reports:
  2. Run Plan:
  3. Simulation:

Call-in instructions: First dial the conference call facility:

   In US, participant dials the toll free number: 1-877-366-0711
   International participant dials: 1-302-709-8446

Then enter the passcode, followed by the # key

     The leader passcode is 55651707#
     Participant passcode is 78671411#

Announce your name and press the # key again.